Access and quality of education

To create educational alternatives for young Cameroonians who are excluded, without training or employment, is to give them the opportunity to take their place in society with dignity.

Education for sustainable development and citizenship

Children, youth and adults: promote access to education for all and improve education systems so that they meet the needs of everyone and enable them to fulfill their role as citizens.

Education of girls and women

Promote and support an education adapted to the challenges of the century, which allows the emergence of Cameroonian citizens.

Youth and adult education

Facilitate girls' education everywhere and enable women to become emancipated and autonomous.

Inclusive Education

Enabling children and youth affected by any form of exclusion, poverty, disability to receive an education and to integrate socially is a priority for KAGEDEV.

Health education

Raising awareness, educating about prevention and improving the health environment: KAGEDEV acts to preserve the health of children and makes school the privileged place for health education.