Health in schools

Objective : Promoting health in schools through promoter schools.

Type of intervention : Educational intervention based on specific actions in the school.

Learn to live better together

Objective : To enable students to acquire the skills necessary to make free and responsible health choices by creating health-promoting environments.

Type of intervention : Educational practices, educators training and coaching.

Access to care, health services

Objective : Das Wissen der Schüler über soziale Sicherheit und ihr Interesse an diesem Thema zu bewerten und die Auswirkungen des Videos 1 „Soziale Sicherheit für Schüler“ auf diese beiden Objekte zu messen.

Type of intervention : Before and after evaluation

Health Literacy, Digital Health

Objective : To increase students' literacy about the local health system and services and facilitate their access to health services.

Type of intervention : Action research

Social inequalities in health

Objective : Co-construction of projects around determinants to reduce social inequalities in health.

Type of intervention : Meta-program


Objective : To fight against economic dependence affecting young people aged 18-25 in precarious situations. It allows them to regain socialization and contact with the world of work through a few hours of work per week.

Type of intervention : Social reintegration through work

Violence in the school environment

Objective : To develop empathy in children, to fight against violence in schools and the effects of the overconsumption of images.

Type of intervention : Educational action.

Access to care, health services

Objective : To promote access to first aid for youth and students.

Type of intervention : Before and after evaluation.

Adolescent Addiction 

Objective : Reduzierung des Einstiegs in das Rauchen und in Drogen in Schulen bei Jugendlichen ab 12 Jahren.

Type of intervention : Peer counseling and mediation.