Consulting office

The KAGEDEV team advises people who have obtained their diploma in Cameroon and want to clarify whether they need a "certificate of recognition" to practice their profession in Germany and informs about the recognition procedure, the documents to be submitted and the legal requirements.
We also assisted teenagers and young adults in finding apprenticeships and internships in Germany in order to increase their educational opportunities

to facilitate the integration of young people who receive training. This requires several commitments from both parties.

A willingness on the part of companies to welcome young people in difficulty
Ein echtes Engagement erfordert die Einbeziehung des Teams, die diese jungen Menschen ausbilden, die oft nicht unbedingt den üblichen Erwartungen eines Arbeitgebers entsprechen.

Listening to the company's needs
Some companies show a real "insertion" by demonstrating an unfailing commitment. They are convinced that actively participating in the training and integration of today's young people means guaranteeing a qualified workforce that meets the needs of tomorrow's employment basin.

Considering young people as a sustainable investment
The company expects and relies on well-trained recruits. Thus, young people feel truly expected and valued.

Are you looking for training in Germany? 

1. We can tell you which apprenticeship grants, job portals and training fairs are available.
2. We help you to optimize your application documents and portfolios.
3. We provide training for job interviews, recruitment tests and assessment centers.
4. We support you in your internship search and give you advice on what to look for in an internship.

Application forms and consent forms are available here.

Stephane Mboyomo

Leiter der Erziehung und (Aus-)bildungsabteilung