Improvement of training opportunities

The SEVIPRO service is an educational offer of KAGEDEV to "improve the educational opportunities of young Cameroonians in need of support". Students are accompanied and supported in the transition from general education to vocational training.

Vocational guides accompany students in pre-graduation and graduation classes with the goal of increasing their training capacity and facilitating the transition to a training relationship.

They support:
● Completion of a general education certificate;
● Professional orientation and career choice;
● The search for an internship and apprenticeship; 
● The stabilization of the educational relationship.

You cooperate with:
● Teachers, school social workers;
● The contact persons of the employment office as well as the persons and institutions involved;
● Companies and enterprises;
● Parents and relatives of the young people.

Our Contribution
Obtaining the school leaving certificate:
● Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of skills;
● Planning of individual support
● Organization of individual support services (learning groups, tutoring)
● Cooperation with relatives
● Assistance with individual problems

Vocational guidance and career choice:
● Matching personal inclinations, abilities and performance to the requirements of professions and companies.
● Active shaping of the career choice process
● Mediation of internships

Searching for a training place
● Preparation of professional application documents and Job application training and
job application training;
● Information on the training and job market;
● Development of strategies for the search for training places.

Stabilization of training relationships:
● Mediation and moderation in case of problems in the company;
● Individual socio-pedagogical support.

Stephane Mboyomo

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