Professional orientation

Getting to know your own strengths, exploring professions, training to apply. Training is becoming more and more complex. In order for young people in transition from school to work to be able to cope with these challenges, they need to be familiarized with the topic of career choice and training at an early stage. The employees of the career guidance measure support them in this process.

Being fit to start of training

With the KAGEDEV career guidance measure, students aiming for a secondary school leaving certificate, or even anyone wishing to do an apprenticeship in Germany or Cameroon, receive help and guidance in choosing their future apprenticeship.
It is presented during a week-long fair, the different trainings with the required qualities, the job opportunities on the job market, the requirements for the candidates etc...

Our objectives :
1. To strengthen professional, personal and social skills;
2. To recognize and develop individual skills;
3. To get to know a wide range of training professions - and their profiles - in order to find the right training place;
4. To learn how to correctly assess one's own performance potential in relation to the desired profession.

In particular, disadvantaged youth should be supported and their training opportunities increased.

Stephane Mboyomo

Leiter der Erziehung und (Aus-)bildungsabteilung