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What are the tasks/duties of the Ambassador?
- The ambassador must feel emotionally connected with our club.
- The ambassador carries the message of the association KAGEDEV in further circles, points out its existence, and associates his name with the association.
- The ambassador mediates contacts and points out interesting personalities and circles and paves paths and accesses that would not be possible for the association without him.
What does the ambassador get for his work?
- Friendship of the KAGEDEV Association
- The ambassadors are regularly and adequately informed. - - You know facts and figures and are kept up to date about current activities and developments. You may use the image of the KAGEDEV association for yourself.
- Invitation to the general meeting (without voting rights)
- Invitation to special event, report in the news / annual report

You are a woman or a man with influence, a brand, a big company and our fight touches you. Support us and/or become ambassadors for the association. Give us your influence and a little of your time.