BETA Scholarship

General information

KAGEDEV is committed to providing students in Cameroon with an excellent education and preparing them for the professional world. This scholarship enables the university to come into direct contact with exceptionally talented students from various disciplines.
Cameroonian students enrolled in bachelor's, master's, graduate and complementary degree programs can apply for a scholarship. However, the procedure is only available to those who are registered as members of our association. The granting of the scholarship is independent of the income of the parents and is only open to students with Cameroonian nationality who reside in Cameroon and have at least a Cameroonian high school diploma


If you have any questions about the BETA Scholarship Program, please contact one of the following addresses.

Kamerunische Gemeinschaft in Deutschland e.V
Schleiermacherstr 28, 71229 Leonberg

Telephone : +49 7152 356 8030  
Telefax: +49 7152 357 3078  

Kamerunische Gemeinschaft in Deutschland e.V Cameroun
Rue 1.064 BP: 13137 Yaoundé

Telephone 1 : (+237) 6 74 74 66 65 
Telephone 2 : (+237) 6 91 91 95 54