Voluntary work

Volunteering for KAGEDEV makes you happy

And if you don't believe that, then you probably haven't tried it yet.

Here are 7 reasons to join KAGEDEV :

  • Helping is fun - and fun makes you happy!

  • Voluntary work provides meaning, self-determination and support

  • Volunteering strengthens the sense of community and awakens team spirit

  • Volunteering strengthens self-confidence

  • Volunteering improves our social skills

  • Being actively involved in the world makes people happy

  • If you give a lot, you get a lot back

Volunteers active for the KAGEDEV

Our expectation from our volunteers and the mission is that they carry out the tasks not for KAGEDEV, but for the needy in Cameroon.
Our expectations of our volunteers and the mission consist in the fact that they carry out the tasks not for KAGEDEV, but for the needy. They take it upon themselves to assist the needy and accept this responsibility. These are people who partly rely on our help. In part, their health or education depends on our volunteer work.

Our volunteers are the ones who sacrifice their time, physical and spiritual efforts and possessions to help the needy. Whether far or near, they can help even more. That means they are the foundation of our organization. Of course, this also means that every leader at KAGEDEV highly considers and appreciates the ideas and values of our volunteers.

Voluntary work

Yes, I would like to help and get more information on how I can get involved in my city.

Our volunteers