Knowledge transfer

After a busy professional life, it is important to be able to perpetuate the knowledge and know-how acquired over the years... The intergenerational and multi-cultural transfer of skills is also a source of enrichment for the retirees who get involved in our wonderful association!

KAGEDEV provides Cameroonians with senior citizens in good physical and intellectual health, with proven skills and experience to support projects in various fields in Cameroon. Knowledge transfer is carried out by all KAGEDEV departments and teams. The role of the Knowledge Transfer sector is to support our teams in such efforts by offering them a sustained and personalized accompaniment.

Our knowledge transfer activities are diversified and include adapted information products, exchange activities, consulting, training, coaching, etc. The Knowledge Transfer Sector's service offer is mainly oriented towards internal use. However, the publications, trainings and tools developed can benefit all actors and beneficiaries of the KAGEDEV network who are called upon to facilitate knowledge transfer processes.