At KAGEDEV, we believe in the growing involvement of companies in humanitarian actions. Regardless of their size, they play a crucial role in our responses to emergencies, in our reconstruction projects, and in providing access to basic infrastructures for access to education, education, drinking water, and sanitation.
Financial patronage, skills patronage, in-kind donations, solidarity products and services, internal mobilization, research partnerships... - these are all ways to engage and collaborate to help the most vulnerable populations.

Let us build our partnership together

High-quality education and training as well as health are the key to individual and collective development. Since our foundation, our teams have developed projects with the Cameroonian people to give them access to knowledge and to build a new life. In this context, our partners have an essential role to play:

Public institutions, NGOs, international organizations of course, but also companies and foundations. That is why we promote and develop partnerships with you that are co-constructed according to your themes and our mission.

Companies, foundations, you are undoubtedly important players in development today, both through your power of action and through your concern for social and environmental responsibility. Being our partner guarantees you that you are acting specifically for a fairer and more supportive world, that you are highlighting your responsible commitment, that you are uniting your employees and that you are raising your customers' awareness of a joint project while you benefit from our expertise and know-how.

Together, we can improve the lives of millions of Cameroonians through education and training.