KAGEDEV uses social media to promote its missions around the world.

Our presence on social media and other digital platforms aims to ensure a dynamic communication link with our various audiences, including our members, fans, and partners, while creating a space for enriching exchanges related to our missions.

As a humanitarian aid and assistance organization, among other things, our organization helps people who seek assistance in the areas of education, training, access to health care and many others. At the same time, we want to use our work to positively change future developments. To achieve this, an open dialogue within our community is very important to us. A lively exchange of opinions and critical questioning are the basis for a continuous improvement of development conditions and humanitarian work. We are therefore happy for you to discuss with us and others on our digital channels, such as our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin.

In order to keep the discourse constructive, we have established rules of good conduct that apply across all of our platforms.

Rules of good conduct

In order to allow harmonious exchanges and ensure a respectful communication environment, certain rules of good conduct apply.

That is why KAGEDEV will not tolerate any content:

  • Defamatory, hateful, racist, sexist, xenophobic, threatening, insulting, abusive, vulgar, obscene, offensive, incomprehensible, abusive or off-topic;
  • Repeated or written in capital letters without justification;
  • Advertising, promotional or propagandistic;
  • Seeking to advertise or discredit an individual, organization, product or political party.
  • Constructive comments are friendly, factual and respectful and follow the spelling rules. They do not use continuous capital letters, which can be understood as shouting on the net and are difficult to read.
  • Your own opinion is justified by arguments, especially if you contradict the opinion of other users.
  • You do not provoke - not even in response to provocations from other users.
  • Cynicism and irony should be avoided, as they are not clearly recognizable in written comments and can lead to misunderstandings.

NB: These binding rules apply to all participants in the discussion.

In this context, we reserve the right :

  • To remove from the platforms used, without prior notice, comments that do not comply with the rules stated above;
  • To report, ban or block a user according to the procedures provided by the various social media;
  • Delete any information that we consider sensitive or not necessary to understand the message.
  • Remove insinuations, theories and suspicions that are not verifiable and are not supported by credible arguments or sources. Please try to explain your arguments in an understandable way.
  • Statements that are harmful to business and reputation will be deleted. The same applies to comments of a pornographic or criminal nature or which propagate National Socialist terminology.
  • Discrimination and defamation of other readers and social groups on the basis of their religion, origin, nationality, physical condition, income, sexual identity, age or gender are not permitted.
  • Advertising, constant repetition of the same content, spam and other commercial content will be removed.
  • Personal data and data of other readers may not be published. Please also think carefully about the data you want to put on the Internet.
  • You must have the rights to distribute the content you publish. If you are reproducing other people's content, please make sure it has been approved for distribution.
  • Citations must be clearly marked as such. Always include the source of your quotes.
  • You may post external links, for example to refer to additional information on a topic. KAGEDEV is not responsible for the content of the links and does not systematically check them. If the content of the link violates our rules, we reserve the right to remove it.

We delete comments if they violate our rules. We also delete comments that do not make a constructive contribution to the discussion, but only disrupt it.

We reserve the right to exclude users from the discussion if they seriously or repeatedly violate our netiquette.

You can send us your questions and comments about our moderation at any time via Facebook Messenger.

Enjoy the discussion!