• Representation and intervention with national and international authorities

  • Moral, physical and financial support for those in need

  • Consultations of all kinds on the problems that the Cameroonian diaspora in Germany faces on a daily basis

  • Intensification of contacts, visits and exchanges between Cameroonians in Germany and the representations, in order to better animate and use the worldwide network that KAGEDEV represents

  •  Animation and social life on the spot

  • Social events of a cultural, artistic or sporting nature

  • Mutual aid and solidarity funds

  • Training in animal husbandry (chickens, pigs, fish, etc.)

  • Training in agricultural and food processing

  • Training in feed and poultry production

  • German courses and scholarship distribution

  • Support in obtaining training contracts and pre-enrollment at universities in Germany

  • Information and reference center for the Cameroonian community

  • Reception on return to Cameroon: The office in Yaoundé offers support for people who have difficulties returning to Cameroon, including job search and resettlement

Like any association on such an occasion, KAGEDEV must take stock of its work when celebrating its anniversary and define its future by assessing its work. Undoubtedly, it could have been "done better" from 2019, but overall it makes no sense to want to repeat the past, the situation of Cameroonians in Germany has changed and improved significantly thanks to the continuous and persistent efforts of our association.