• To contribute to the schooling of children and adolescents by strengthening the effectiveness of the interaction of the educational structures and actors present in Cameroon ;

  • To build a Cameroonian network of solidarity to respond to all the daily situations of Cameroonian nationals in Germany ;

  • To put at their disposal our experience and our knowledge of the associative and economic field of the constituency ;

  • Facilitate the exchange of information and ensure that the needs of Cameroonians are better addressed ;

  • Facilitate understanding of the German administrative, social, and tax systems for Cameroonian nationals living in or wishing to go to Germany ;

  • Promote exchanges between Cameroon and Germany in the areas of education, vocational training, knowledge and skills transfer, and urban/rural development ;

  • To advocate on the ground for the social plight of our compatriots ;

    Accompany Cameroonians in their dealings, especially with the consulate and public administrations ;

  • Inform and orient Cameroonians according to their needs ;

    Struggle to ensure the proximity and public service obligations of the consular administration ;

  • Advocate for a better recognition of diplomas in order to improve the mobility of workers ;

  • Understand and promote understanding of exclusion and take preventive measures to address its causes ;

  • Fight to ensure that scholarships are given to families who truly need them and pay attention to the impact of school subsidy reform ;

  • Receive Cameroonians in precarious situations, help them, accompany them, train them, allow them to integrate through work and aspire to autonomy ;

  • Ensure the networking of Cameroonian artists who can contribute to the revitalization of Cameroonian communities ;

  • Provide social service with emphasis on sustainability in the area of education, and health.

  • Defend the specific interests of our members in terms of social protection, health care, savings and pensions and negotiate preferential rates on their behalf ;

  • Engage in building federative partnerships between German and Cameroonian organizations to create structures that can contribute to Cameroon's economic growth while reducing a number of scourges such as unemployment.