In addition to its own initiatives, KAGEDEV supports local actors in the design, development and implementation of educational projects. The goal is to empower people (communities, parents, teachers, governments, etc.) so that they can become sustainable actors in their own lives and responsible citizens. KAGEDEV's work is based on the implementation of projects on the ground.

To this end, the organization provides tools, skills and techniques to fulfill its social mission. Its expertise comes from the sum of its field experience. KAGEDEV ensures that the global vision of educational systems and issues is shared in Cameroon, which helps to strengthen the relevance of the actions carried out, anticipate global developments and promote research-action and innovation.

The members of the KAGEDEV network act synergistically within the framework of three commonly defined axes, taking into account all factors related to access and quality of education, training, health and culture.

The vision of KAGEDEV is that of a living solidarity that respects the diversity of cultures and does not seek to homogenize the ways of thinking and working of its members. The solutions implemented can take different forms: financial, material, intellectual or simply human, in order to adapt flexibly to different contexts and levels of development. In this sense, the organization undertakes experiments and then implements projects whose impact is proven in Cameroon. The goal is to enable as many Cameroonians as possible, who face similar problems, to adapt to our mechanisms and processes in order to accelerate implementation on the ground.